How does light affect us?

How does light affect us?

We do not draw enough attention to the importance of light in the interior space and how it affects us physiologically. On a daily basis the spaces we inhabit affect our mood considerably. For instance, there is nothing worse then having a romantic meal in a restaurant with harsh, bright, strobe lighting – it just doesn’t set the right tone!

Firstly, it is crucial to understand the importance of having good natural or artificial light in an interior space; the colours we put into the room will only be as good as the light reflecting on them.

Lighting in the interior comes in lots of different forms, to list a few there is, ambient lighting, picture lighting, perimeter lighting, wall lighting, concealed lighting, task lighting, downlighting, and uplighting.

Light can be used as an interesting decorating tool. It can be used to define spaces, to manipulate levels, to highlight artwork, furniture or architecture and to increase the functionality of a space. We can also model and layer with light.

Why don’t you experiment with different lighting sources in your home to see what difference it has to your mood? Or use it as a decorating tool to highlight your favourite artwork, or architectural element.