Analyse your space


Analyse your space

Looking at the space in your home is the first crucial step that should be taken before any build works, design alterations or any new furniture layouts you may be considering.

In order to understand your space you need to consider your survey or plans, the structure, its qualities and the connection this space has to the rest of the building.

Function – What will be the main function of the space be and how do you intend to spend your time in there? The shape, height, or light in the space may determine the function. Don’t be too concerned about what each space will be named, ie, dining room, children’s playroom, living room etc, once you have chosen the functions for your spaces the names can follow. 

Users – Who will be using this space and why? Consider what age the people using the space are so it can be best adapted to their needs. For instance, you wouldn’t want a young child with sticky fingers to use your best white dining space where you entertain guests! Will there be multiple people in the space, and how often or at what time is it likely to be used?

Mood – How does the space ‘feel’? Even if it is empty you can normally gage an atmosphere or mood, light often plays a big part in this. Check out whether the space has natural light and consider what time of day it is brightest, also look at how it is it artificially lit. You need to decide what type of mood you want to set for the room in order to make it function efficiently. Remember that the mood of the space can be created through decoration; furniture layout, paint colour, lighting and fabrics (to name a few).

Changing the space – The space could be changed architecturally, for instance a wall could be knocked down to allow two rooms to become one or a window or archway could be added. Don’t underestimate how dramatically the use of decoration, and furniture layout can change a space. 

Whatever plans you have in mind for your current or new property this year don’t forget these three points when analysing your space; function, users and mood.